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Webinar Invitation (Replay Video!) - Making Money Blogging with Pages NOT Posts by Mike Liebner

Mike and Milo

You're invited to attend my 1 hour webinar on "Blogs Equal Money Pages Not Posts" on Sept. 22, 2010 at 12 PM PST

The webinar discusses Making Money Blogging with Pages NOT Posts

I'm looking forward to seeing you at the webinar! I'll be taking questions from the audience!

Mike Liebner

Making Money Blogging with Pages NOT Posts Webinar Replay
Run Time 2 Hours 5 Minutes

Play the Video: Streaming WMV | Streaming WMV (mirror)

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>>> Free Gift & Bonus Page

Blogs Equal Money Making Money Blogging with Pages NOT Posts Webinar by Mike Liebner with special guests discussing the revolutionary new site structure strategy for Wordpress blogs called "Pages NOT Posts".

PDF is available below

If you do not yet have the free PDF and SITE STRUCTURE Diagrams explaining the concepts behind making money with "Pages NOT Posts" you can get them by signing up below (register for free).

The PDF is 35 pages and includes all the steps needed to set up a Wordpress blog to use the "Pages NOT Posts" strategy.

The special report also includes a multimedia library with videos and diagrams.

Join Mike Liebner of Blogging Underground for a discussion on how the internal site structure of a blog can dramatically improve the number of top rankings on Google and the other search engines.

Combined with the right kind of external links the "Pages NOT Posts" strategy can bring blogs a huge number of top rankings with very little effort!

After a brief overview Mike will show an example site and login to Wordpress to go over settings, site structure, internal linking and content suggestions plus show how to set up a Wordpress blog to show a static home page and blog posts on a "blog post home page".

Other topics to be discussed are external linking and keyword selection to ensure a high probability of profitabilty and a high volume of traffic.

Questions will be taken from the attendees plus at the end of the event a special bonus gift will be given to those in attendance.

Duration will be approximately 1 hour with the possibility of going over 15 to 30 minutes depending on the number of questions.

I'm looking forward to seeing you at the event!

Mike Liebner

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