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Cancel FAQ's

Q: How do I cancel Blogging Underground?

A: The best way is to find the email that Clickbank sent you - it has a link where you can get help/support and you can easily cancel it in a few clicks to avoid any future charges.
Alternately you can go to where you will find help/support options. Cancel with Clickbank to avoid future charges.
You can also go to this URL to look up your transaction:

Q: How do I cancel Article Underground?

A: Simply go to and go to HISTORY - find your original transaction and if it was a "paypal susbcription" you can cancel to avoid any further charges.

Q: What happens if I get a refund?

Refunded accounts are deleted.

If your purchase was made within the last 60 days you qualify for a refund from or
**Please note that accounts that are REFUNDED will be deleted and all posts and links associated with that account will be deleted and you will be blacklisted so you can't join again.

If you need help - submit a support ticket - please provide as much info as you can so we can better server you.

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