Rankings Screenshots at Blogging Underground - an insider look - July 21, 2011

This is the EXAMPLE SITE I built from the ground up
in the Blogging Underground Training Videos

Google loves this site! Right now my site is starting to hit CRITICAL MASS and is getting tons of traffic from Google!
The thing is - this small neglected site only has 7 article pages! I hardly ever touch it and it's still scoring big!
I try to add a short blog post every once in a while to keep the blog fresh - but that's pretty much it!
Once a site is BUILT OUT the right way and earns it's spot at the top - you can pretty much leave it alone!

This site actually gets more traffic for the NON-PLURAL keyword.
I'm ranking #1 for that too. And also #2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and the 7th link is mine too.
Google loves it when a web site super serves a keyword the way we build them.

Now - before you dismiss these as low value keywords - take a look at the screenshot from the Adwords Keyword Tool showing how much these "Exact Match" Keywords are worth to people buying clicks! I'm getting FREE TRAFFIC that advertisers are paying over 5 bucks just to get 1 click!

Only 260 Global Monthly Searches??? You think that's too low to waste time on???
OK - so it might appear on the surface that those 2 keywords do not have enough traffic...
Well... look at how much traffic I am getting from those 2 keywords and OTHER related keywords.
In the last 30 days FREE SEARCH TRAFFIC sent over 1,600 visits from 298 different keywords.

Ahhh... so as you can see our little dog site gets lots of traffic for many KEYWORDS!
298 KEYWORDS sent traffic in the LAST 30 DAYS to our neglected site with just 7 article pages!

"When you change the way you look at things
- the things you look at change!"

You see - the way we do it here at Blogging Undeground is to target the RIGHT KEYWORDS
and build out our sites so they hit CRITICAL MASS and dominate Google
sending us tons of free search engine traffic so we can make lots of money!

This site is just an example site. It's neglected. If you spend time building out your site
the way we teach you in the BU training - you can really hit some big numbers!
The great thing is that this is so easy even beginners can build sites like this! It's easy when you pick the right keywords!

In the training inside Blogging Underground I show you how to find keywords like this
so you can get tons of free traffic by dominating the top spots on Google. I show you how.

Here - watch the FREE "Link Your Way To The Top" videos. I'll show you how easy it is.

Check out the FREE Link Your Way To The Top videos
to see how easy it is to build sites like this!


Critical Mass - This blog post will give you all the details about what I call CRITICAL MASS!


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