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Using GOALS to find niche ideas and great new keywords

A place for beginners!

Using GOALS to find niche ideas and great new keywords

Postby admin » Fri Sep 30, 2011 11:10 am

I forget who turned me on to this site - they deserve a pat on the back - have you been to 43 things yet?

Go there to see what goals people are setting. Then try running some of them through the Adwords Keyword Tool. You might just uncover a hot new niche! That's what I do sometimes for the keyword missions I run for the BU Keyword Opportunity Spreadsheets!

Interesting goals as seeds can bring up some really great keywords!

Here is what is shwoing now on 43 things

43 Things is the world's largest goal-setting community. People here want to:

eat mexican food be more attractive Clean out my closet. speak japanese fluently spend less time online appreciate my parents Create a budget Learn the Napoleon Dynamite dance Dirtyspeed wants to build a fixed-gear bicycle bellydance be passionate about life Stay awake for 24 hours paint more kiss in the pouring rain chigaroogarem wants to Read Modern Library's 100 Best Novels of the 20th Century perfect my jumpshot increase my height stop being lazy love my family Run a mile in 11 minutes stop picking my skin play sims online Visit Germany go on a 30 day fast lose the weight i need to lose and keep it off learn german desitorrent Design my own house ldklf wants to read a book be happy with myself paint my kitchen gain weight Have a baby PhD watch Grey's Anatomy marry Brad Pitt keep track of birthdays & anniversaries of friends & family Send Junk Mail to Companies that Send ME Junk Mail find a hobby take my camera with me wherever I go so I can get those photos that keep getting away buy a keyboard bored createkg wants to Lose 30 pounds see more films procrastinate less learn Tagalog atultayade wants to Pay off all of my debt love and be loved wear sunscreen Visit Maine go to a Vanessa Carlton concert be a beautition Visit the Bronx Zoo Read all of the books from Rory Gilmore's bookclub drink more water cast a spell on someone. meet chuck norris Send a postcard to Postsecret Deus_Ex_Machina wants to Create income streams learn to be more patient better husband Create my own techno music pay off my debt Run the New York Marathon live in california Become a better programmer love all flyhigh wants to Become financially literate look great get a kitten be at peace watch all episodes of the office rent an apartment Have life experiences that make interesting stories Visit Machu Pichu eat healthier live go ice fishing watch invader zim episodes Play My Sims online for free learn to belly dance be fearless work because I like to, not because I have to Lucky wants to reach my ideal weight Do nothing learn how to make mosaics play sims 2 online for free Let go of the past speak spanish fluently go see Drive By Truckers on their home turf get rid of all my clutter job hunt become a magazine editor find a pro ana buddy learn to play golf organization get a real job lostdusk wants to Learn Japanese go to Italy do my homework eat better food Watch a Joan of Arcadia Episode Learn Portuguese Melissa wants to Perform deliberate acts of kindness. stop pulling my hair how to make a friendster layout using my picture? learn to walk in heels be a better listener have normal sleep hours go to China
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