Blogging Underground Bonus - Category Creator for Wordpress

You need the best possible keywords for your categories
and you need them added to your blog fast!

Download Category Creator - the Wordpress Plugin that will let you add categories in batches!

Category Creator makes adding blog categories fast & EASY!

3-25-11 Please note - newest version 1.0.1 of Category Creator now includes options to Change The Case of the Categories - ie - Title Case - Sentence case - lowercase. Tested and verified compatible with Wordpress 3.1

Hi, it's Mike Liebner here from Blogging Underground with a download that will come in handy when you build out your own Wordpress blogs!

It's a sweet little plugin for Wordpress called Category Creator.

The Category Creator plugin makes adding LOTS of keyword specific categories to your Wordpress blog a breeze!

I know you will find this plugin useful! I use it all the time on my blogs!

No more typing the categories in one at a time and clicking and submitting and waiting and repeating as you fall asleep in boredom...

With Category Creator - your categories get added fast and in one action.

> Sample List of Keywords - for an "All Topics" Blog

Category Creator Instructions:

First - upload/add the categorycreator plugin folder to your wp-content/plugins folder in your Worpdress installation on your server. Use whatever you would normally use to FTP files - or use the file mangager in your hosting control panel. Just do whatever you need to do to get the folder in your plugins folder in your Wordpress install.

Then activate the plugin in your Wordpress admin settings (go to plugins - activate Category Creator).

Go to the Settings tab in Wordpress and look for Category Creator.

You're now ready to copy and paste in the categories! As many as you want!

It's easy to get a lot of great keywords for category names!

Simply open up a text file - go to a web site, directory, shopping site or your favorite keyword tool and compile a list of keywords that would be good categories on your blog. Alternately you can enter them in one by one as you think of the perfect category names.

Then - simply copy and paste your list of keywords into the settings window of Category Creator (go to settings -select category creator) submit and then watch your categories get added automatically! It'll even skip the duplicates so don't worry about having to clean your list!

> Sample List of Keywords - for an "All Topics" Blog

Download Category Creator - the Wordpress Plugin that will let you add categories in batches!

This plugin is perfect for those of you contributing your blog to the Blogging Underground Announcement Network! You'll have lots of keyword rich categories all ready when poeple start posting that great content to your blog!

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Best wishes for your online success!

Mike Liebner

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