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Total Value of the Freebies: $167. File Size: 254 MB

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Here is the big giant freebie pack I promised! The zip is a whopping 254 MB! All I ask is that after you download the big giant zip that you watch my video first! Just in case the other stuff is crap - you'll still be happy because my stuff delivers!

The Big Giant 254 MB Zip contains the following products. Download link is below.

Keyword Research for Writing Articles
(How To Find Keyword Opportunities)
by Mike Liebner
(Value $49.00)

Are you getting the kind of traffic you need to make lots of money?

If not, the answer may lie in finding better keyword opportunities and going after more top rankings on Google!

Whether you're looking to find keywords for writing articles or for buying exact keyword domain names - this video will put things in the proper perspective so you can become an expert at finding the best keywords to target. After watching this video you'll see how targeted traffic is just a few short steps away!

Run Time: 42 Minutes

Outsourcing Secrets
(Value $37.00)

If you plan to outsource, or already do, it is important you review your technique to ensure you get the most bang for your money. There is a simple and effective way to do this. Invest in Outsourcing Secrets, the one and only manual that examines outsourcing from head to toe, providing you the information you need to make smart decisions. You can manage better if you have a strong team underlying your business. But, you have to know the secrets of outsourcing. You have to understand what it takes to make outsourcing work for you.

107 Terms For New Marketers
(Value $10.00)

In this report, I'll reveal to you all the popular "IM lingo" so you'll finally understand terms like PPC, ROI, VPS And 104 Others! There will be no more confusion or feeling like a newbie! Just clear definitions so you can concentrate on learning!

AdSense Profits Unleashed
(Value $27.00)

The AdSense Profits Unleashed System covers everything from the basics of making money with Google AdSense all the way to how to use advanced techniques that very few people know to maximize your AdSense income potential! This system even includes video instruction that will help clarify potentially confusing areas and ensure you know exactly what you need to do to make money online!

Niche Pay Per Click Empire
(Value $27.00)

You'll discover how to find niche markets that are actually in need of a speciality pay per click search engine. You will also discover how to start your first pay per click search engine for under $100 and without needing to know any technical jargon or having any special computer ability.

PLR For Newbies Videos

PLR For Newbies Videos
(Value $17.00)

The PLR For Newbies Video Series leads you by the hand, step-by-step, click-by-click, to creating great new unique products that not only sell, but can Increase Your Profits several times over! The product is named PLR For Newbies because it's simple enough for an Internet marketing newbie to follow along with, but make no mistake - the PLR techniques and tactics revealed in these videos can benefit ANY Internet marketer or niche marketer - Big Time!

Total Value of the Freebies: $167. File Size: 254 MB

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Is your web site getting free traffic from Google for 1000's of keywords??? If not - you're doing it all wrong!

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