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Hi, it’s Mike Liebner and I want to thank you for taking the time to visit us here at Blogging Underground!

I’m very proud of this site and what we’ve put together for our members! I’m confident you’ll be very pleased and excited when you see what we’ve got for you!  

So – what’s this Blogging Underground all about??? What’s in it for me???

Blogging Underground is a fresh and new monthly membership site with a revolutionary 12 Step Success Strategy that web publishers of all skill levels can take advantage of to build web sites and blogs that get a lot of top rankings and free traffic from the search engines!

The Blogging Underground 12 Step Success system is so powerful at getting top rankings and traffic, yet is so simple and easy to follow, that you’ll never have to waste time learning and doing all the complicated distractions and boring tasks that most of those overblown SEO courses are teaching people to do.

They love to keep you distracted and waste your time by overloading you with too much information.

We don’t. We make it ridiculously simple and help you focus on what’s really important and nothing else!

If you can master doing 2 things reasonably well – we’ll help you get on top FAST and more importantly – stay there!

1) Build Pages

2) Get Links

You can forget all of the other complicated formulas and complex programming tricks and stop wasting time on all that B.S. because our system focuses on the 2 things that have always worked at getting top rankings and traffic.

We help you build web sites and pages targeting the best “exact keyword phrases” AND we help you GET LINKS so your web pages get indexed FAST and quickly rise to the top of the search engines. We make it so easy!


If you want to get more free targeted traffic to your blogs or web sites – Blogging Underground is the right place for you!

Frankly, it’s pretty insane – we’re blowing some minds with what we are offering Blogging Underground members! You simply can’t get this stuff anywhere else! If you haven’t already done so – make sure you register for the free “Blogs Equal Money” Special Report and Multimedia Library so you can see firsthand what we’ve got inside!

Do you need links???

Our new Blogging Underground “Blog Posting Utility” is a monster and it makes it simpler than ever to get your pages linked on our network of 100’s of high quality “announcement blogs”!

If you’ve been searching for a solution to get quality links fast and easy, you’re going to love what we’ve got for you! The power of linking in our “announcement blogs” is amazing and you can only get it here at Blogging Underground!

OK – I want links but why else is Blogging Underground so great?

Blogging Underground makes it’s easier than ever for bloggers and web publishers of all skill levels to get lots of free search engine traffic. Everything you need is available to you in the members section!

I’ve created a remarkably simple and elegant system that is easy to follow and I give you all the tools you need to get started and stick with it.

Can I tell you a SECRET???

You MUST target the RIGHT KEYWORDS or you will FAIL.

If you pick the wrong keywords – it will all be a waste of your time – but don’t worry – we make sure you only pick the best high traffic volume and high Average CPC “exact match” keywords so you can succeed!

Blogging Underground Keyword Research is the bomb!

It all starts with our training videos showing you how to pick the best “exact keywords” as your PRIMARY KEYWORD TARGETS.

The KEYWORD RESEARCH SPREADSHEETS we provide members of Blogging Underground will save you time and get your efforts focused on the right keywords at the start of our 12 Step Success Strategy system.

While you can use your own tools to dig up keywords, we provide members with 100’s of fresh keyword stuffed spreadsheets loaded with thousands of golden “exact match” keyword opportunities! 

 Once you have step 1 of our system figured out – you’ll never look at a list of keywords the same!

If you’re like me when you look at a spreadsheet we provide you’ll smile and see thousands of opportunities to traget “exact keyword phrases”. And that’s part of the secret of Blogging Undeground – we target “exact match” keywords – not topics or themes or subjects. We show how to pick the best “exact keyword” as your PRIMARY KEYWORD TARGET and we then show you the steps to get you ranked on top for that phrase!

It’s remarkably easy when you follow our 12 step success strategy system.

Blogging Underground is an all new web site, but we have lots of tried and tested strategies that work! If you’re familiar with Article Underground, which was originally launched in February of 2006, consider Blogging Underground the next step in our evolution.

Blogging Underground is a brand new membership site with an all new 12 step system, but still has all of the things that made Article Undegrround so popular with the exception of monthly PLR Articles. The articles are available as an upgrade – 

> more coming soon <

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