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Want to upgrade? It’s easy – simply cancel your current membership at and then rejoin on the plan you want and select the option to register using the same email as before! If you need help simply send a support ticket and we’ll make sure everything is working!

SAVE BIG on our ONE YEAR DEAL! SAVE $505.!!! Quantities are LIMITED!

Special Deals at the Upgrade Center

Click HERE to Purchase the 1 Year Annual Special Offer Deal for just $299.

The monthly plan is only $67. – however if you want to really save BIG check out our ANNUAL DEAL that works out to less than $25. per month!

We have 2 levels of BU memberships available:

1) Monthly for $67. per month (first 7 days are $4.95)

2) Annual Deal – $24.91 per month when you prepay a year

 1) MONTHLY for $67. per month – all features – bills monthly – the first 7 days are $4.95 (rebills at $67. each month unless cancelled).

Click HERE for Option #1 – Monthly with first 7 days for $4.95

Try 100% of Blogging Underground features  for 7 full days – all features – all blogs – everything for just $4.95 for the first 7 days!

The 7 Day Trial is just $4.95 for the first 7 days and then becomes a Monthly Membership for $67. per month if not cancelled at

(rebills monthly at $67. per month)

2) ANNUAL DEAL at just $24.91 per month when you prepay the year! Only $299. includes all features of Blogging Underground for ONE FULL YEAR for a ridiculously low monthly price of $24.91

For a limited time you can SAVE $505. when you invest in the one year deal at just $299! This is a crazy introductory offer and may be changed without notice! Quantities at this price are LIMITED!

Click HERE for Option #2 – Annual Deal

The $67. per month – monthly subscription works out to $804. per year – so you save really big with the 1 year annual deal at just $299.!

What do you get? You get everything! All Blogging Underground member features are included in the Annual membership for 365 days (does not rebill automatically).

Save big on an annual membership to Blogging Underground!

Special Deals at the Upgrade Center

Option # 2 is the Best DEAL – SAVE BIG with the Annual Deal

 Huge Discount when you prepay the year!                                   $299. per year – Annual Membership (does not automatically rebill each year)

Works out to ONLY $24.91 per month when you prepay – excellent deal!!!

* The first 7 Days of the Monthly TRIAL MEMBERSHIP for $4.95 is NOT limited and is an excellent way to see what’s inside the member section and try all of the features and tools we have available. You get hours of our best training videos, access to post in all of the announcement blogs using the Blog Post Utility plus 7 day trial members even enjoy full lifetime access to the members forum. The days are worth a whole lot more than $4.95, but we hope once you are inside and see what a Blogging Underground membership offers you will stick around!

Of course you are always welcome to UPGRADE from the monthly membership to save big on the annual deal!

 If you need help upgrading or have a question – contact us at SUPPORT


Please note: while we always welcome customers who upgrade from one plan to another, we do request that you first properly cancel any previous susbcriptions to avoid further or duplicate charges when changing plans. When you cancel and rejoin you can register and retain the same username and account settings when you purchase your upgraded plan. (You will not lose any blog posts!)

BU+PLR – this is an UPGRADE available to current 1 year members only. 

If you are a current ONE YEAR member of Blogging Underground you can UPGRADE to BU+PLR for only $99.  to get a new zip with 400 Monthly PLR Articles each month on the 16th while you are a current BU member.

Please do not confuse this with the BONUS PLR Articles from the back issue store.

Request the BU+PLR UPgrade link by submitting a support ticket. We’ll send you the secret URL if you are a current 1 year member of Blogging Underground.