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Information to help you get the most out of Blogging Underground and the 12 Step Success Strategy System


AUKDAT – Article Underground Keyword Density Analyzer Tool

Use this online tool to find out what keyword phrases are on your web page. Scroll down to the bottom section and you will see lists of single words, 2 word phrases and 3 word phrases. TIP: If you see a 2 or 3 keyword phrase appears more than one time on your page go to the Announcement Blogs and get a few links pointing at your page with the keywords as the link text. It will boost your rankings and send you new traffic! You can also see what keywords appear and repeat them on your page to increase relevance for that phrase.

Google Adwords Keyword Tool

This has many uses – the main one is to find out the current Global Search Volume and Estmated Average Cost Per Click. TIP: Be sure to switch to “EXACT” to see how much traffic the keyword REALLY gets for that “exact phrase”.

GoDaddy Bulk Registration Tool

Input up to 500 keywords (remove the spaces first) to see if any domains are available for registration.

Google Adsense Sandbox Preview Tool

Type in a keyword to see what kind of ads are showing on the Google Content Network. Note the image ads to see if they are on target to the keyword.

Keyword Rockstar

I use this tool almost every day! I set it up with a big batch of seed keywords and then let it run in the background as I do other work! When it’s done I get 1,000’s fo keywords and the associated data whic I then export as spreadsheets – clean up and format – and then give to members of Blogging Underground in the Keyword Research section. The above link has a webinar replay I did with Jon of Keyword Rockstar. Check it out!

Do a keyword search and note the excellent “related searches”. You can then copy these to use as “keyword seeds” in the Google Adwords Keyword Tool or Keyword Rockstar (paid).

WordPress Plugins

Category Creator (bonus)

Category Creator is a BONUS for BU members and is available at the Blogging Underground Members Bonus Page.  The Category Creator plugin makes adding LOTS of keyword specific categories to your WordPress blog a breeze! No more typing the categories in one at a time and clicking and submitting and waiting and repeating as you fall asleep in boredom… With Category Creator – your categories get added fast and in one action. Category Creator is perfect to use when you contribute your blogs to our Blog Network because you can pre-load a bunch of keyword rich categories so members have a lot of keyword rich places to post! It’s worth grabbing and using on every WordPress blog! 

MaxBlogPress Ping Optimizer (Free)

MaxBlogPress Ping Optimizer is one of my personal “must have” WP plugins as it limits how many times WordPress pings in the period you specify (1 ping per 15 minutes for example). Did you know WordPress pings whenever you edit and update any existing post? IT’S VERY DANGEROUS and if you edit your blog a lot then your blog will be banned from ping services because of excessive pinging. It’s worth grabbing and using on every WordPress blog! 

MaxBlogPress SEO Post Link (Free)

MaxBlogPress SEO Post Link is another of my personal “must have” WP plugins as it makes the blog post URL’s shorter and more “seo friendly”. MaxBlogPress SEO Post Link shortens the URL according to the rules YOU set in the options AND best yet features only the keywords that are important (you can remove short keywords or overused words like “and” and “the”. It’s worth grabbing and using on every WordPress blog! 

More tools

Content Bully (Paid with Free Version Available with PPC Toolbar)

I use the paid version but you can get a free version of Content Bully when you download the PPC Toolbar. I use Content Bully to find out what sites are ranking for a list of target keywords and then I look to see which of them are showing Adsense ads. Very helpful to fnd out if a keyword has web sites that actually show good ads that people would click on. This is covered in the Step 1 Discovery Process Videos here at Bloging Underground.

HEY! Please stop by the forum to discuss these tools or others!

Also – hot tip - check out the Article Underground Article Blog for articles on PLR Articles, getting top raks and keyword research and more!