FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions


Do you want to know more about Blogging Underground?

Here are some frequently asked questions and the answers to help you better understand what Blogging Underground is all about.

If your question is not answered, or you need assistance, please visit our Support Center and submit a ticket.

Q: What is Blogging Underground and why do you call it a targeted traffic system?

A: Blogging Underground is a membership web site that offers members a large set of features designed to help you get #1 rankings and lots of free targeted traffic from search engines. The membership includes tools and a simple system that make it easy to get more free targeted traffic!

Features include a large diverse growing network of “announcement blogs” that members can post in and get relevant backlinks fast and easy – just like as if they were their own blogs!

The key thing to consider is that for the price of a BU membership (less than $25. a month on the annual plan) you get access to hundreds of blogs that you can link in which makes getting top rankings easier than ever.

Members also get tons of great training and other features like keyword research spreadsheets – but just having access to a blog network like this is huge – it would cost thousands of dollars to set up something like this. Members get it immediately upon joining and can post and get links INSTANTLY. No waiting! Instant relevant backlinks that get top rankings!

That’s our “targeted traffic system”!

Q: Is Blogging Underground one of those dangerous push button automated black hat blog generators or blog comment trackback spam blasters or a robotic mass submission link tool that will get me in trouble and get my sites banned?

A: NO NO NO!!! Blogging Underground helps our members get top rankings and traffic from search engines like Google by doing things the right way! We give them what they want so we can get lots of top rankings!

If you follow our system you will not need to resort to those risky methods of blasting and bombing! It’s not necessary to be evil to get to top rankings and we show you how!

We don’t try to trick Google and want to stay out of trouble so we only do things the BEST WAY and that means NOT ACTING LIKE A ROBOT or blasting them like crazy spammers!

Hey – we’re all for automation and saving time – but we want top rankings and for the long term so we are very careful NOT to do that risky stuff that we see get people in trouble and banned!

We’re not judging you if you want to go the black hat way on some of your web sites – we just don’t think it’s necessary with our system. Try doing it our way and we think you’ll see it is not necessary to go black hat to make good money!  And HEY – it’s more fun our way too!

So the answer is NO – Blogging Underground is not a blog blaster system!

Q: If I cancel – can I join again later?

A: Yes, if you cancel your monthly membership we will keep your account and username and all blog posts ready in case you join again in the future, unless you also requested a refund.

The 1 year packages are NOT subscriptions. They only bill once – so when the 1 year ends you can rejoin again immediately or any time in the future. We will keep your account and all blog posts unless you were refunded.

Q: Do you have a guarantee in case I don’t like it?

A: Yes. You have up to 60 days from the date of your Clickbank purchase to get a refund and get your money back. If you do get a refund we will delete your account and all associated blog posts.

Q: Are my blog posts in the Blogging Underground network of blogs permanent, or will they be deleted if I cancel?

A: Your posts will NOT be deleted if you you cancel your monthly membership UNLESS you request a refund.

Cancelling is not the same as refunding. If you cancel you’re OK – if you refund we delete the accounts and posts.

Blogging Underground members who cancel monthly memberships do not get their accounts or posts deleted. We keep the usernames and all associated blog posts in case you want to come back.

Only if someone requests a refund – that’s different – we do delete the account and associated blog posts and will blacklist the email address so the refunder can’t join again in the future.

So your posts are safe – unless of course you refund or we remove them because they were spammy.

Q: Why do you say “Blogs Equal Money”. How do they equal money?

A: It’s really super simple when you think about it. The more blogs you have with good words on them – the more money you can make!

More blogs = more money! It’s simple math really! Of course there are other considerations – like GOOD WORDS! You need lots of good words on your blogs!

I’ll explain… It all started right before I created and launched Article Underground back in 2006 when I discovered that I was making more money by hiring other writers to write articles for my web sites, instead of trying to write them all myself.

I realized you can only write so much and it was holding me back from making more money. So I started hiring writers to get as many articles as I possibly could because the more I added to my sites – the more I was making!

I came up with the catch phrase “Words Equal Money” because it seemed the amount of money made was directly proportionate to the amount of words I had on my web sites. More articles – more words – BOOM – more money! Simple math that works every time! And you can do that with BLOGS and it’s easier than ever!

The more blogs you have the more money you can make! BLOGS = MONEY!

Q: How many blogs do I need? Do I need to get 100’s of them?

A: You start with 1 domain name and a blog and see where it takes you. Some people only have 1 or a few blogs and others get 10 or 20 – while others hire employees or outsourced workers and go nuts and do build 100’s of blogs.

It’s up to you how many blogs will make you happy! Success is NOT strictly dependant on how many blogs you have. However – the more blogs you do have that are doing the right things – the more chances you will have of  HITTING IT BIG!

BUT that said – a lot of people make a healthy living with just one or a few blogs – so don’t let the numbers scare you.

Start with ONE! When you have more hands on experience and personally see the top rankings power of buying exact keyword domain names and see your new blogs bringing in traffic and money – you can expand to suit your situation.

Q: Why should I pay a monthly subscription fee to be a member of Blogging Underground? If all I need to do is build pages and get links, can’t I just set up my own blogs and use them to link to each other?

A: Yes – it’s true you can do it all yourself, but Blogging Underground has already done everything the right way so that you can get started RIGHT NOW! You can use our network of 100’s of high quality aged blogs as if they were your own RIGHT NOW!

It wasn’t easy to get where we are today! You might be able to do it, but it’s taken many years to set up and age our web sites so that Google loves them big time! Unless you have lots of old established domains spread out on many different servers all over the world – you’re going to have a tough time getting things set up so they work as well as what we have ready RIGHT NOW for our members!

Plus – to be honest – my 12 step system of buying domains, creating blogs and building pages and getting links is pretty unique – unless you have our techniques under your belt – you’re going to have endure a lot of trial and error to get things working the way we’ve got ‘em! This training is in depth and will help you jump to the front of the line without your having to put in years to get up to speed.

Q: Do you have a less expensive option than your monthly membership?

For those of you who want to save money or don’t like automated monthly payments we do offer a HIGHLY DISCOUNTED ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP for Blogging Underground to those who want to save a lot of money and bring down the cost of the membership. You’ll save around 75% off the monthly membership fee – isn’t that crazy? More info is at the UPGRADE CENTER. We also have a secret quarterly deal that isn’t on the sales page. You’ll find the quarterly deal HERE

Q: If I join Blogging Underground and am not satisfied – will you give me my money back?

A: Yes – no questions asked – we will give you back your most recent payment if it is within the period specified by Clickbank. If you’re not happy with Blogging Underground or have not used our membership – we will happily give you your money back if it is within the period stated on the Clickbank money back guarantee. But be aware we delete the accounts and all associated blog posts and blacklist those members that have requested refunds so that they do not come back and make the same mistake a 2nd time. We might remove the blacklist if the refunded customer contacts us and is sincere about re-joining us.

Q: How long will my blog posts stay up?

A: They will stay up a long time! We do NOT delete blog posts when a Blogging Underground member quits or cancels unless they also get a refund.

Blog posts that our members make are pretty much permanent and will not be deleted UNLESS we have a really good reason to remove them. See our blog posting rules for more details.

We rarely ever do this – but if the former member has posts with links to domains that are no longer working, or if the sites that are linked in the blog posts are on domains that have been banned by Google, or if the posted content is questionable or spammy – we might delete them.

Mostly this is done on a post by post basis as members help monitor our network of blogs and notify us of stuff that should be reviewed.

Unless we have agood reason to remove them – we keep them up as long as possible so you continue to get traffic and rankings for a long time!

Q: How is Blogging Underground different from a membership in Article Underground? Do I need to join both?

A: AU and BU are 2 different memberships.

Article Underground – AU – is for the PLR Articles

Blogging Underground – BU – is for the network of announcement blogs.

AU costs more and includes BU for free.

BU costs less but does NOT include PLR Articles. It’s $67. a month or $299. a year for BU

Blogging Underground has all new content and features than Article Underground (aka AU).

Blogging Underground does NOT include PLR Articles you get as a member of Article Underground – however we do offer a bonus stash to Blogging Underground members who get the PLR Articles with a special offer.

If you need help or want to upgrade please send your most recent receipt to support and we’ll help you upgrade.

Visit the Article Blog to learn more about PLR Articles.

Q: Do I have to upgrade/subscribe and pay a monthly membership – or can I get your PLR Articles without a membership?

A: OK – no – you don’t need to pay monthly fees for the PLR articles if you do not want to!  We have a brand new Underground PLR Store where you can buy zips with back issues of the PLR Articles from Article Underground. Each zip has 400 “keyword optimized” articles. When you buy 3 you get one free! More details will be available soon at the Underground PLR Store.

If you want 400 fresh PLR articles each month on the 16th – then for a little extra each month we can add the 400 brand new articles to your subscription. They’re worth having and can save you a ton of time posting on your sites or in the blog network! Contact us at SUPPORT to request to buy your upgrade to PLR

Q: I already have a blog that is doing pretty good – can I use Blogging Underground to get more traffic to my blog?

A: Absolutely! Blogging Underground can help almost every type of web publisher get more traffic! There are a million ways to use our membership! For example our 12 Step Success Strategy system and training works for buying brand new domains and starting from scratch OR for EXISTING SITES too! We’ll show you how to target “exact keyword phrases” so you can get more traffic to your web site and dominate Google and the other search engines. Our blog network will help you get more traffic and top rankings! It’s fun and easy!

Q: Can I add my blogs to your network so members can post in them?

A: Absolutely! We encourage it! It’s easy to add your blogs and it’s good for you – our members – ALL OF US! In fact there are many benefits you will notice when our members start adding high quality fresh content to your blogs! But – we do have some rules and your blog needs to be of a decent quality in order for us to accept it into the network! We do review each blog to make sure it has value! But if you follow our strategies here at Blogging Underground there is a great chance your blog will be perfect for our network!

Q: Why should I add my blogs to your network? Will I really get more traffic?

A: You will definitely get more traffic and the search engines will love your blog even more when they see fresh high quality content added regularly by our members! All you do is give us a good blog and we’ll add it to the “Blog Posting Utility” so our members will be able to post in it! It’s safe too because our Blog Post Utility enforces rules to make sure that only good stuff is added to your blogs!

Q: How do I get my blogs added to the Blogging Underground network of blogs so that members can add fresh content to my site?

A: It’s easy! If you’re a current member simply login to Blogging Underground and go to the “Blog Post Utility” and click on “Add New Blogs”. You’ll find detailed instructions on what you need to do to get your blog added! It’s fast and easy to do! Give it a try on a few blogs and just watch how much more traffic you will get from the fresh new content our members will add to your blog!

Q: If I cancel my membership or quit – will I still be able to use the blog network or edit or delete my blog posts I made while I was a member?

A: No. If you cancel your membership you will no longer have access to any of the tools or features of our membership. Once you quit you can’t login – however – we would be happy to let you back in when you decide you want to join again! Simply rejoin and we’ll do our best to get you set up!

Q: Am I allowed to post in your English language blogs in other languages?

A: No. Our network of blogs are for posting English language posts only. The information posted must be readable in English and only link to valid related web page that serves the topic of the post.

Q: I just saw in your blog that you are going to limit how many members you are going to accept and also that you will be raising the price. Is this for real or just a marketing ploy to get me to join now and if so – how many members are you going to accept before closing it and WHEN will the price go up? I need to know something more specific.

A: Great question! I can appreciate how you might be skeptical with all the marketing products out there creating FALSE urgency and scarcity so you buy their stuff. I’m not doing that! It really is very likely we’re going to shut the doors again – most likely soon – but I can’t put a number on it  or give it a date. It’d be a fake number if I did that.

I have to say that because I want to be up front and let everyone know we do NOT have an unlimited capacity. There is a limit to how many members we can serve at a premium level and I know we’re going to hit it – I just can’t say we’re there until we get to that point.

All I can say is that we have a killer set up which is running very well and I know we can serve a large number of new members, but – if things get weird or too crowded or unmanageable I am fully prepared to stop accepting new members when I see the resources are being stretched thin.

The first step will be increasing the price – so those that really NEED to get in won’t be locked out. But shortly after doing that the doors will need to be closed.

If you dig what we have – I suggest you join now to lock in the best price and if you ever need to cancel – that’s cool – we won’t delete any of your links or data – and we’ll keep a spot open for you at the same price when you’re ready to come back.