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Our blogs kick butt! Let’s keep them that way!

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Let’s keep the RULES simple…  NO CRAP ALLOWED!

If you follow the basic premise – you’ll be fine!

Just pretend the blogs are your own and only publish content that is “on topic” for the blog in which you are posting AND is readable and of value for the real human people who end up on your post and read it.

Part of the reason we are so successful and our blogs get us top rankings so easily is that our blogs deliver value to the end users who visit them and also to the the search engines who show our pages when people search for stuff.

Our secret is posting “in the content” and getting RELEVANT links with our keywords in the LINK TEXT! A few links like this go a long way! You need less links to get top rankings as opposed to many of the other “blasting” methods which mostly yield low value links.

I hope you are able to recognize that our strength is the RELEVANCE we get from a GREAT POST and as such resist the temptation to blast crappy posts using the network.

99.9% of the time our members post great content and act responsibly.

It’s really not a big issue, but we’d rather be up front about what we allow and what we don’t so that those that are looking for something else don’t come in thinking they can spam the blog network and get away doing stupid crazy stuff.

Hey – I hate rules as much as the next person (or more), but trust me on this — it’s the rules that have kept the network valuable for over 4 years now and we’re going stronger than ever!

We care for our blogs and make sure they remain nice and clean so the search engines LOVE THEM BIG TIME!

It’s important you know upfront what we’re all about and what we allow and do not allow on our network of blogs.

First off – let me state the OBVIOUS – or at least it should be obvious…

No Spam – No Adult – No Illegal or Hateful content posting is allowed in our network of announcement blogs!

Content must be somewhat “family friendly” – sorry – but let’s not get too sexual or too nasty – some fun and humor is ok but DIRTY is DIRTY so please don’t do it.

While posts are published INSTANTLY when you push the button in our blog posting utility – we do regularly monitor the blogs, as well as encourage our members to alert us when they see something that should NOT belong on the blogs.

We trust you – but verify – and if neccessary we may in rare cases delete posts that are not appropriate. We also regularly check links and if your link goes to a dead page – we will remove it.

In extreme cases we will terminate memberships after trying to work with the member to help them understand the rules of posting.

Hey – we have worked very hard to get our network of 100’s of announcement blogs to the places that they are. We need to protect them!

So – without getting too specific – let’s just say that if you post sensibly and try to post content that would be valuable to a person reading your post – you will be fine!

The grey area starts with badly spun content (spinners can be pretty awful) or obvious machine generated content. We don’t expect “pefect” English or grammar – but we don’t want to look like we are DUMB ROBOTS posting SPAMMY CRAP!

If it looks spammy – we most likely will find it and delete it. Try to deliver some value please!

Posting Rules:

HOW MANY TIMES?* – OK – here are the general rules – the general idea is for you to link MANY of your pages across many different blogs – you do not want to link the same things too often or create patterns that may look like a robot or machine generated patterns. That stuff will get YOU in trouble and your rankings will drop when you get extreme – so – we have the following rules in place:


We suggest linking once or twice per post and it can be the same URL or 2 different URLS – just don’t link more than twice in your blog post. One link is fine – so don’t always link to two URLS. No more than 2 links per post. 

>>> EACH UNIQUE URL (aka page) may be linked TWICE MAX in EACH BLOG. (We UPDATED this RULE – it originally was ONE LINK)

Once you link a PAGE two times in a blog – stop – do not link it again in the same blog. You can link to different pages – don’t link the same page more than 2 times in a BLOG. Link it in a different blog or link to a different page.

The idea is to get more pages linked – not hammer the same URL over and over. This is for your protection!

TWO LINKS per URL per BLOG  – that’s very simple.

(definition time: A URL is a web page address – it is unique for each page on your site – the home page has a URL and every page inside your site has a URL. examples: is the URL for our home page and is a URL for a page on our site. They are different URLs. )


That means you should only link URL’s from the same site in no more than 5 posts on a blog in our network. If you link 2 different URL’s per site in each post – that’s a max of 10 links from your domain in a blog.

Sometimes LESS is more – so just be careful about doing TOO MUCH in TOO LITTLE TIME – that’s where the patterns and robotic looking stuff can get you in trouble.

The rules are there to protect YOU and also protect our blogs.

>>> English Posting ONLY – SORRY – Foreign Language Posts are NOT ALLOWED – only exceptions are in blogs or categories that specifically state they are for a language OR if you can work in your link to a foreign language page within a post that is in English. It needs to look good and unfortunately – a foreign language post will look out of place in an English language blog.

>>> SITE MAP LINKING is not allowed. – Sorry – only links to real valuable content is allowed.  So please do not link to sitemap pages or empty pages with ZERO CONTENT – if the page has no value or is spammy – please do not link to it. Once again – think of the end user – they are NOT looking for site maps or pages filled with links and nothing else.

>>> NO “EXACT DUPLICATE CONTENT” – do not link the same exact content after you have used it in a blog post. Your POST TITLES need to be UNIQUE and the POST CONTENT needs to be at least a little different. You will NOT get much benefit if your POSTS look the same or are too similar and you may decrease the value of the blogs if they all “look the same”. ALSO – simply spinning a few words is not enough. You need at least a few original sentences in each post to make it have it’s own value. This is for your benefit. Bad spinning practices can get you in trouble and your sites will drop like a rock if you are not careful and just post crap. Put at least a little effort in adding something original to each post! You’ll benefit from this and so will the network!

OK – that’s it for the rules – it’s really not that much of a problem because our members love the posting priveleges and do a great job 99.9% of the time delivering great content!

If you need help or have specific questions about posting in the blogs – please submit a support ticket.

* note: We do not allow members to share an account with anyone other than an employee or co-worker. There is a daily limit of 5 logins from different IP addresses. That should be enough for most situations – however if needed – we are happy to help you find a solution.

While most users will never notice, there are also maximium limits on the number of posts a “single user” license allows per blog. Posting is “almost” unlimited for one single user. There are weekly limits and monthly limits to protect the integrity of the blog network. If you have a team of workers doing your posting – you will need an UPGRADED LICENSE.

Please contact support for more details.

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