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I have way too many unsolicited testimonials and kind emails and positive forum posts to show you in this small space - here are a few of the most recent ones to give you an idea of what people think. - Mike Liebner

"BU is an essential component of my linking strategy. Mike has created a high quality network of category specific do-follow blogs that instantly power up anything you link to from them. If you are serious about rankings, BU is a must have." - James Schramko -

"What can I say, my traffic is up, my adsense income is up, my affiliate income is up. The system works. It just doesn't get any better than that or any cheaper at cost per link. When you break the cost per link down to it's true cost Mikes system of linking and blogs is the cheapest way on the internet to get targeted links where you need them. I seldom say anything is the best on the net but for getting links the Blogging Underground system just can't be beat for either quality of links or price." - Lee Michaels

"Mike I would like to tell you since I joined Blogging Underground I have seen my traffic to my websites almost double. When I make a post on the network I usually see back links within 2 to 5 days from the blog site network. This tells me your network of sites are very authoritative. I would like to say to anybody who is thinking of joining and is looking for a solid place to get back links and traffic don't hesitate just join. Mike Liebner is a solid guy and his videos inside the membership are the best I have seen. Easy and to the point. I highly recommend Mike's products and services. - Mike Gual

"All I can say is WOW. I have been around this business a long time and am not easily impressed. But.....after spending the last several hours getting into the training videos at Blogging Underground, I AM impressed. And another thing I like is the fact that this it not one of "the latest greatest" type products that are a one month flash in the pan. I see this as something I can benefit from long term, and recommend to others without hesitation. Thank you so very much. - Pat Vojtaskovic

"I have been a member of Blogging Underground and Article Underground for 2 years now and use the high quality network of blogs as a foundation for all my link building efforts. I personally have a network of over 1000 websites that rely on getting high search engine rankings in Google and the service provide by Mike Liebner and his network of blogs is perfect for my business model. I am able to get permanent, high quality links in a matter of minutes using the network of blogs in Blogging Underground and these links have an almost immediate impact on my search engine rankings. What’s more, I often find the blog posts I make on Mike’s network of blogs end up getting very high rankings themselves! Blogging Underground is without a doubt one of the very best tools for obtaining high SEO rankings and a key part of my business. I recommend it very highly. - Aidan Booth

"Having leveraged Article Underground for many years, I've gained a deeper appreciation for the level of effort that goes into it's continued production. Not only have the articles yielded tremendous benefit, but also, I've gained solid insight and experience from it's producer, Mike Liebner, through his websites and newsletters. Mike's robust dialog, web videos, and materials have something for everyone. He doesn't focus on 'niche play' offerings, but continues to draw upon his experience and that of his network of SEO aficionados effectively communicating realistic, measurable results for the rest of us.

Right now competion is greater than ever. If you're not leveraging Article Underground and his more recently released Blogging Underground, you're missing out on fine opportunities to be successful in this market." - Gregory Wexler -

"After watching Mike's training I went 'keyword domain' hunting and found one which fit all the criteria and had an Adsense CPC of over $4. I put up a temporary page and back linked it with 4 posts using the Underground Blogging network of announcement blogs. To my surprise the domain was indexed and ranked on page 1 (position 8) in Google in under 12 hours. Blogging Underground works." - Paul Perry

"I've tried all the linking networks... AMA, LinxBoss, SEO LinkVine... you name it. But recently, Google shot them all to hell. The only network where links = mass traffic is Blogging Underground. Nice work Mike!" - Matt O'Connor

"Mike, I was probably one of the original members of Article Underground and was really happy when you set up the new Blogging Underground site. I, like many others trying to make a living online, tried many different programs - some worked pretty well - some were a complete waste of money! Then, I discovered your "Underground" programs. They were different from all the others - honest, to the point, easy to understand, oh, and did I say Effective? If you look up the keyword "web ____" my site is normally in the #1 or #2 spot! Mike, your article marketing and linking techniques (especially the BU blogs) played a big part in getting me there. Thank You!!" - Bob Pardue WebMasterCourse.Com

"The Article Underground and Underground Blog is just what I need to get my Internet business off the ground. I ran across the site by accident about 2 weeks ago. It sites are full of valuable and useful information including outstanding videos on how to do a lot of things to gets valuable links to my blogs. The articles are unmatched in their quality and the blog network is just the vehicle needed to build quality links. Thanks Michael for over delivering on your products." - Charles L. Lewis

"I am retired with no internet marketing or website building experience. Your videos helped me to understand it because you talked to me as a business person in clear, concise terms at a reasonably moderate pace instead of rapid-fire "geek-eese." (I never cared for the IT department when I was an exec in the business world. We didn't seem to speak the same language)." - Curtis T

"I’ve just recently been introduced to the world of internet marketing and have little experience. Mike’s introduction to Blogging Underground has been invaluable to my business. Mike has a genuine gift for conveying information that’s easy to understand and follow. The cost of Blogging Underground is well worth it. Thanks again Mike!" - Loraine Mullen-Kress


"Your Blogging Underground system is fantastic! I love the ease and simplicity of the Blog Posting Utility and the amount and quality of videos, reports, and other information you provide is way more than I've seen anywhere else. I'm already seeing great results in just the short time I've been using Blogging Underground." - Wendell Chong -

"I recently joined the Underground System and I am simply amazed at all that Mike is giving to us, the members in time, attention and materials. Mike over-delivers in quality and quantity. This is one of the best systems and memberships I have ever seen in all my years of marketing. Thanks much, Mike!" - Sterling Mayson -

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