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Blogging Underground is still kicking butt after the launch! Get in on the action!

50% of $299. per sale with $4.43 EPC (not including upsells and rebills!)

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Hi, it's Mike Liebner and I would like to invite you to become a VIP JV Partner for Blogging Underground. Our official launch was on April 26, 2011 and the momentum is still going strong.

Blogging Underground is a fantastic subscription membership product that people LOVE! It has been thoroughly tested and converts well and more importantly satisfies and retains members! I have some great tools and resources to help you make lots of money turning people on to it!

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Blogging Underground Marketing Partners Earn 50% Recurring Commissions for the life of the member and our members stay with us a long time!

UNLIKE a lot of other products sold on Clickbank we have an incredible LOW REFUND RATE of 1.39% with absolutely ZERO CHARGEBACKS*!!!

With most typical CB products the refund rates are often 25% or higher - Blogging Underground has a virtually NON-EXISTANT REFUND RATE of 1.39% and ZERO chargebacks! That means YOU will GET PAID MORE MONEY when you promote Blogging Underground because people love the membership and stay with us for a long time!

And if the super low refund isn't enough to get you excited - get a load of our excellent conversion data! Affiliates sending clicks to Blogging Underground are converting at 3.25% with an average Earnings Per Click of $4.43 (EPC) and the best part is that is NOT including rebills! Our members stay with us a long time, so you'll also get paid 50% recurring commissions when the 7 day trial for $4.95 rolls over to $67. monthly and then you keep getting paid when they stay month after month!

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Blogging Underground Affiliate Center – tools and tips for affiliates!

Affiliates make MORE MONEY by promoting recurring membership products like Blogging Underground!

Get paid 50% for the life of the customer!

That’s the easy way to make lots of money! Promote Blogging Underground and make the sale ONE TIME – get paid long time!

Make money promoting Blogging Underground and all of our high converting products to your friends, customers, susbcribers and leads!

Clickbank manages our affiliate program and always pays your 50% commission on time!

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We have 2 high converting offers from which you will make money! If they upgrade you still get credit if they are cookied!

  • $4.95 Trial for 7 Days – rolls over to $67. – you get 50% commission on $4.95 at time of sale and 50% of $67. for every month they stay with us!
  • $299. annual package – you get 50% commission

If they land on our site and trigger your cookie – you get paid regardless of which package they end up buying (includes member upsells and special offers) as long as your cookie stays with the prospect.

Promoting Blogging Underground is easy!

Everyone with a blog wants more traffic! Tell them how great Blogging Underground is and how it will help them get more top rankings and free search engine traffic!

We make it easy with an incredible array of tools including videos, banners, freebies to give away and customized sales pages that will get you fantastic results!

Please sign up to get access to our tools and SECRET URLS so you can offer customized offers and special discounts OR simply replace your Clickbank Affiliate ID in this URL to start promoting without signing up – BUT – trust me on this – you’ll want to see our affiliates only sales and promo tools PLUS get our SECRET offer URLS.

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Blogging Underground Banners - there are hundreds of them in the Super Affiliate Center

You can use these on your sites or on ad networks.

Be sure to LINK the banners using your AFFILIATE CODE so you get credit when a sales transaction is made!


If you need help or want a customized banner or webinar or have a promotion idea – send us a support ticket and we’ll hook you up!

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* Clickbank Analytics report includes all transactions for period Jan. 1,2011 through March 10, 2011 with a refund rate of 1.39% and 0 Chargebacks.




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