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Instructions for contributing your blog to the Blogging Underground Announcement Blogs Network!


Contribute Your Blog to our Blog Network and you will get fresh high quality content added to your blog by our members! It's a great way to keep your BLOG FRESH! You'll be glad you contributed your blog to our network when you see how many more top rankings your site will get!

NOTE: If you are already a member of Blogging Underground jump to the instructions below and get started adding your blog! Not a member? Sign Up Now!

ALL blogs submitted to our blog network are reviewed before they are approved.

Detailed Instructions: The first thing you need to do is make sure your blog is of good quality.

Your blog needs to be indexed by Google!

If it is - your blog is good to go! If NOT you need to get it indexed first before submitting it. To confirm your blog is indexed go to Google and search for: If there are no pages listed in the index - you need to link to them so your site gets indexed.


1) LOGIN TO YOUR ADMIN account in YOUR Wordpress Blog and set up a new AUTHOR ACCOUNT for us by clicking ADD a NEW USER

Set up an AUTHOR account (not admin or subscriber - it must be an AUTHOR level) with an UNUSUAL and UNIQUE username for each blog you contribute (please do NOT call it anything that includes BU or Blogging Underground in the username - use something like Writer or Guest or a name).

It is very important the user account you create has AUTHOR priveleges (role:author - in ADD NEW USER SETTINGS) otherwise we can't add posts.

It is best to use your primary email address so that if the blog sends any alert or warning messages you will get them.

2) Go to the Blog Post Utility Page and click "Add New Blog" or go to

3) Fill in the form and submit your blog info so we can add it to the contributed blogs in the Blog Post Utility

IMPORTANT: If your blog has a very tight subject or specific focus like only articles about weight loss - make sure you select TOPIC SPECIFIC. That way you will only get "on topic" posts added by our members!

Alternately if you allow all subjects you can select "ALL TOPICS" ONLY if "all topics" are allowed in your blog.

*TIP: it really helps if your blog has a LOT of categories. More members will find it when they search for blogs using a keyword search.

If you only have a few categories we suggest you ADD some new categories to your blog with keywords of article topics you will accept. That way more of our members will find your blog easier!

I suggest you check out the free "Category Creator" Wordpress plugin we give members as a bonus! It'll help you add lots of new categories to your blog fast and easy!

Note that categories do not get published until someone selects them when they publish a post. They will only be visable in the BPU if there are not yet any posts made using the categories.

If the contributed blog submission does not work - please confirm you have given us a working "author" level account and your login details work.

Please test the account username and password by logging in yourself!

99 times out of a 100 this why it will not work! We need to connect to the account, so make sure the login works and we can get in as an author!

It usually takes between 12 to 48 hours for a submitted blog to be reviewed and accepted.

Blogs will not be accepted with a SUBSCRIBER ACCOUNT - it must have AUTHOR PRIVELEGES - so be sure you set the level as AUTHOR in your settings!!!

Also - posts must be published immediately. Our Blog Posting Utility does a great job of screening posts so you do not need to eyeball every post before publishing. We do that for you!

If you ever find a post that is off topic you can contact us and we will delete it and notify the member so they will not do it again. Of course you can also delete it yourself - but if you can - please tell us what you deleted so we can notify the member! It helps prevent it happening again!

That's it! Just make sure the account you creaed for us works before you submit it - test the login to make sure you have the correct user and password.

TIPS: Your domain must be a "real content" web site that is indexed by Google and if the Blog URL you are submitting is a /directory/ or subdomain it must be linked from your domain's home page (ie Only one blog submission per each domain please! We review all submissions before approving.

IMPORTANT: DO NOT submit your blog if you are doing CLOAKING/SPOOFING/NoFollow to the links in the posts WE make. If our links will not get any juice - please don't add your blog. If you are using a plugin to cloak you can set it to only selectively cloak affiliate links which is ok. The idea is WE need to get the benefits of the links which I am sure you'l agree is good for all of us!


If you get an error or it does not work - send us a support ticket and we'll figure it out!

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